1. Process Industry SCM suite, now developed by Infor, including Adage ERP, Advanced Planning, Advanced Scheduling
  2. Software suite for Higher Education institutions, now developed by Ellucian, specifically Banner Unified Digital Campus
  • Eramus Exchanges - in England and Spain
  • University study -  Modern Foreign Languages (English and Spanish)

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What’s in a name

The name Transcripsi is from Latin and means “I transcribed”. When my sister and I started looking for a name, we had images of writing and transmission in mind. We also had to make sure the name sounded right in my three working languages: namely English, French and Spanish. Oh, and the Internet domain name had to be available too.

The Logo, by Stanisla

The logo is Stanisla’s view of the same idea. We discussed the name and what I would be doing, and off he went. We never discussed any specifics but the first logo he showed me was The One. The feather refers to craftsmanship - the heart of good translation. Nowadays, although translators use software tools such as translation memories; glossaries that are integrated in the working environment; and machine translations, it is still very much a craft to produce the finished product.

The Company

Transcripsi has relocated to France and operates under French law, with SIRET # 793520099 00029 and VAT number FR83793520099.